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You have to start by building a stronger core to flatten, tone and sculpt killer abs. Made out of commercial grade stainless steel and upgraded with foam padding strategically placed for comfort, our 
roman chair provides users with a stable and comfortable workout experience at home or in a gym. Easy to adjust, the footplate supports both men and women performing a variety of abdominal workouts whether sitting or kneeling at an incline. Engineered to deliver reliable stability, this piece of fitness equipment is best used for sit ups, side lifts, waist bends, back extensions, twists and other conditioning exercises that target stubborn core muscles. 

MiM USA Roman Chair Commercial grade

  • Commercial Roman Chair

    Net weight: 147 Lbs

    Gross weight: 170 Lbs

    Measurements: 51" 42" 39"

    Frame: Steel

    Foaming pad

    Lifetime frame warranty

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