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Featuring a variety of functions fitness trainers and bodybuilders need to sculpt perfectly chiseled bodies, our combo station is the leading all-in-one home gym for personal training. Use plate weights for weighted squats to build the glutes or bench press reps to strengthen upper body muscles. Equipped with handles, rope pulls and straps, the multi-functional training unit supports pulling, rowing, dipping and plenty of other muscle strengthening motions. No other gym equipment required for a thorough full body workout. Adjustable and professionally designed to deliver an enjoyable bodybuilding experience, this multipurpose fitness set up belongs in your gym, weight room or workout studio. 

A complete set of MiM USA Smith And Functional Trainer Combo 1001 with bench

$3,995.00 Regular Price
$3,295.00Sale Price
    • Great for your home gym
    • Weight of Machine: 480 LBS Assembled Dimensions:L 60" W 80" H 87" Max. User Weight: 350 LBS
    • Max. Weight (both): 555 LBS Weight Plate Storage: 335 LBS, Solid Weight Rod, Copper Bushing, Adjustable Cable Length
    • Hard Chrome Plated Sleeves for all Plates Positions, Barbell Bar and Lat Bar Storage, Straight and Curl Bar Storage, Standard and Olympic Bar Storage,Different Sizes of Spring Clips, Rubber Stopper and long Slide Tube for smooth Slide
    • Unsymmetrical design for Weight Balance and Saving the Space, Knurling Handles, With Multi Angle Design, Ordinary Grip, Underhand Grip, Mixed Grip, Sternum Pull Up, One hand or One arm Pull Up, Safety Hook, Short and Long Safety Catch, Stamping Digital Adjustable Height, Sturdy Dip Grip and Alloy Knobs
    • MiM USA  SM+FT 1001 is a Combo Multi Functional Trainer, All in One ( Functional Trainer and Smith Machine), Perfect for Variety of Functions and Exercises such as Smith Deep Squat, Smith Dead Lift, Free Weight Exercise,Incline Chest Press, Flat Chest Press, Weight incline, Press Squat, Morning Exercise, Tricep Extension, Arm Curl, squat with cable,Wood Chopper, Hip Abduction, Pulley Tricep Extension, Seated Row, alternating Chest Press, Chest Fly and many more. Truly "All in One"
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