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How to Get Fit for 2020: Following Through with Your New Year’s Resolutions

Many people consider weight lifting for toning up or rowing for weight loss, but joining a gym comes with inconvenient travel time, membership fees, and limited privacy. You can avoid these by investing in the best rower and other personal fitness equipment to use at home. In fact, this can make it easier to follow through on your New Year’s resolutions.

girl using a press machine in a fitness club

Here are some steps to help follow through with your resolutions and fitness goals:

  • Plan your workouts: You don’t want to invest in a home gym and forget to exercise. Set a schedule and create small goals for yourself. Start with short-term goals, such as how many sets and reps to do per day, and expand to long-term goals, such as weight loss milestones.

Your plan should consider:

  • The exercises that you like

  • The amount of space you have

  • Your available budget

  • Use visual cues: Posting your exercise routine on the refrigerator or on your digital calendar can help. Fitbit and other wearable gadgets can provide incentives that track your progress over time. Leave a pair of running shoes alongside your bed to serve as a reminder.

  • Know your goals: Are you trying to rehab after an injury? Perhaps you have a specific goal to boost your health and fitness. Think of whether other people in your home will use the equipment and what their needs are.

How to Hold Yourself Accountable

The holidays, family gatherings, shopping, and company parties can make it hard to stick to a workout schedule, but you can still get the exercise you need even if it means doing shorter workouts. Evenings tend to be busy during the holidays, so try exercising in the morning. If you travel, take a run and explore a new town or do simple weight exercises if you don’t have your regular at-home gym equipment with you.

Also, stick to healthy foods during parties, such as protein bars, mixed nuts, and hard-boiled eggs. Track calorie consumption using your device and an app. Try to get seven to nine hours of sleep, as a lack of sleep can lead to overheating and skipped workouts.

woman raises the barbell on the power simulator

Stay Motivated

Thinking about your goals each day can put you in the right mindset. It can also help to share your goals and successes with someone or even pick a friend to work out with. Keeping a journal is a good idea too. Don’t forget to reward yourself with a tasty snack, a movie, or an exciting purchase once in a while.

Find the Right Home Gym Machines

The best at-home gym exercises depend on your needs, but you can find top fitness equipment at MiM USA. We can supply you with an air rower, cardio machine, weight training equipment, pool treadmill, and more to create the perfect home gym. Shop or browse MiM USA, or call us at 732-318-0122 today to learn more.

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